Thursday, October 6, 2016

How does the book of job compare to the Old Testament stories?

The book of job is very similar to stories from the Old Testament but also very different to stories from the Old Testament. The book of job is similar to stories like Abraham and Isaac but different to stories like Noah's Ark. I think the book of job is similar to the story of Abraham and Isaac because in both stories god puts Job and Abraham through hell just to prove that they are faithful to god and only Abraham ends up successfully proving his faith to god. Job ends up cursing the day he was born which means he failed proving his faith to god. Even though I didn't finish the book of job I feel like job is going to be punished for failing to prove his faith to god like god punished Adam and Eve when they ate the fruit of the tree that they were told not to eat off of. But I think it's going to be an even more severe punishment than what Adam and Eve got. Another way they are similar is by god putting them through different tests . But I wonder why god does this to people if he already knows the answer because he is god.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

God Mind Map

After doing this project I discovered a different part of god that I thought he never had. Before I thought god was the perfect person that all of us looked up to because we wanted to be god in a kind of way. But after reading this I've learned that god is just like us because he feels different emotions and he also has different sides like us. For example god was kind of evil by causing the flood because he could've solved the problems in a lot more ways with less controversy. But this story shows how god also rewards the people who do good for example Noah in the story Noah's arc. God rewards him by letting him know that the flood is coming. And by receiving this information Noah being able to build an arc to save his family and all the animals. But after causing the flood GOD promises to never cause another one which shows us that god also makes mistakes just like human beings. So in a way god is exactly like us because he does the same thing that us all his followers also do. And that's why god created us in his own mind because he wanted us to kind of be exactly like him.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Who is responsible for getting Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden of eden

I believe that god is to blame for the removal of Adam and Eve from the garden of eden. If he didn't say anything about the tree Adam and Eve probably wouldn't of been so curious. It's a natural human instinct that when someone tells you not to do something you want to do it even more. If god did not say anything about that tree Adam and Eve wouldn't of even cared about the tree they would just think it was like all the other trees in the garden. So that's one reason I think god is to blame another reason I believe it's gods fault is because it was his fault the tree was there in the first place because god created everything on earth therefore he must've created the garden of eden. If so why did he have to create that tree in the first place? This whole situation could've been avoided if god didn't put that tree in the first place. So there are my two main reason of why I believe god is the one responsible for getting Adam and Eve kicked out from the garden of eden.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Flood Myths Around The World

All culture flood myths are similar but are not exactly the same each culture has their own little plot twist you just have to notice it. For example Noah's arc and Utnapishtim story are both really similar but have a few differences for one Noah took all his family on his arc while Utnapishtim just took his wife. Noah also took 2 of every animal while Utnapishtim took absolutely no animals with him. Another difference from Noah and Utnapishtim is that Noah got rewarded for surviving the flood while Utnapishtim got punished for surviving the flood by being given immortality. But there also a lot of more flood myths than just those two for example there is the Indian flood myth. That similar to all other flood myths has a "hero" but the hero in this story is called Manu. Manu gets warned that there is going to be a flood that's going to destroy the whole human race so Manu is instructed to build a boat by the fish that told him that there is going to be a flood. The fish is called Matsya who is a fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Matsya is one of Lord Vishnu's many incarnations.

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